Title: Find out your daily transaction, income, and profit with just two taps on TrueMoney Agent App.

3 February, 2021

          Dear our beloved agents, no more calculating commissions and writing down every service daily. TrueMoney Agent Application brings the Daily  List feature to do it for you. Do not worry about losing your physical notebook that you recorded all the provided services because this feature brings you with automated daily logs. In addition, our agents can check their latest updated commissions anytime anywhere. Imagine how much time you can save with just two taps for all the important data! Thus, we would like to walk two steps with you to the ultimate data heaven.


Daily List provides TrueMoney Agents with dates as following: Opening Balance, Closing Balance, Remittance, Agent Refill, Agent Withdrawal, Agent Refund, Cash Back, Top Up, Bill Payment, and of course, Agent Commission. It is magical in the way that it only needs two taps to access all your daily activities and commissions without needing to calculate at the end of the day. On TrueMoney Agent mobile application:


Step 1.

–       Tap “All Service” which is in the middle of the TrueMoney app’s homepage.

Step 2.

–       Tap “Daily List”  and see all your automated daily service logs.


Apart from being a time-saving and reliable feature, the TrueMoney Agent app’s Daily List provides our agents with even more benefits. Knowing that there is an automated report to all of their service activities, our agents can work with ease. TrueMoney Agents can also instantly check their daily commission anytime. Therefore, it is undoubtedly an amazing feature for our TrueMoney Agents in many ways.


Rest assured, we will be sharing additional new features and functions of the TrueMoney Agent Application from time to time. If you would like to explore more features like Daily List, inquire and call the corresponding DSE or call 09-969-515-999.


We wish you a safe and prosperous year ahead with us.

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