Truemoney Rewards Application

TrueMoney Rewards Application (“TrueMoney Rewards”) is to provide rewards points to long term customers who support True Money services for many years. In this TrueMoney Rewards application, the customers shall have the access to the following services:-

  • (1) Reward Points Transactions History and its details
  • (2)Redeem Points by Phone Top-Up, Data Package
  • (3)Redeem Points by Vouchers at Agents Shop
  • (4)Refer to friends
  • (5)Nearby TrueMoney Agents Information
  • (6)True Money Myanmar’s Promotions & News
  • (7)True Money Available Services Fees Calculator
  • (8)Knowledge Sharing For the Importance of Anti-Money Laundering in Myanmar.

Earn Points

TrueMoney Rewards App users will receive Rewards Points from the following programs.

  • 1.Specified TrueMoeny Services
  • 2.Using the Rewards App for the First Time (Installation Welcome Point)
  • 3.Refer friends to Rewards App (Refers a friend)

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Burn Points

  • (1) TrueMoney Rewards users can reuse Rewards Points to buy Vouchers and can be used for top-ups and data package purchases.

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Download the TrueMoney Rewards App now and collect Rewards ‘points’ and win various ‘rewards’.

    TrueMoney Rewards Application (“TrueMoney Rewards”) is to provide rewards points to long term customers who support True Money services for many years. In this TrueMoney Rewards application, the customers shall have the access to the following services:-

    1. Reward Points Transactions History and its details
    2. Redeem Points by Phone Top-Up, Data Package
    3. Redeem Points by Vouchers at Agents Shop
    4. Refer to friends
    5. Nearby TrueMoney Agents Information
    6. True Money Myanmar’s Promotions & News
    7. True Money Available Services Fees Calculator
    8. Knowledge Sharing For the Importance of Anti-Money Laundering in Myanmar.
    TrueMoney Rewards application shall be only for non-transacting applications and not available to use for remittance and/or payment services.
    Terms and Conditions of TrueMoney Rewards Application
    The following terms and conditions govern your use of TrueMoney Rewards operated by True Money Myanmar Company Limited (“TMN”, “we”, “our” or “us”). Any participation in TrueMoney Rewards is treated as acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

    1. Anyone of or above 16 years of age may sign up for TrueMoney Rewards.
    2. You shall need to register with your full name stated on your Myanmar National Registration Card (NRC) or Driving License and valid phone number. The purpose of requesting this information is to verify your identity should you lose your account details or terminate your account if the account is inactive for continuous 24 months.
    3. You must have a registered Myanmar mobile SIM Card number to associate with TrueMoney Rewards Application. You shall need to confirm and validate the One-Time Password (OTP) generated by the True Money system for confirmation of the use of the TrueMoney Rewards Application.
    4. Upon successful registration, you shall become a TrueMoney Rewards member and able to enjoy the benefits that are available in the TrueMoney Rewards.
    5. By registering for TrueMoney Rewards, you consent to receive promotional communication and newsletters from TMN.
    6. You may only sign up for one account with one registered phone number. We reserve the right to refuse, merge or close additional accounts at any time. Please note that your TrueMoney Rewards account is not transferable.
    7. Earning Points and Spending Points
    8. TMN shall have the right to decide the number of points earned per transaction and value of points with or without prior notice.
    9. The earned point of 1 point shall be equivalent with every service fee of 1 Myanmar Kyats (inclusive of commercial tax) paid each transaction made at TMN agent shops.
    10. Whenever you are using our services, such as, remittance, bill payment via True Money’s agent shops, you will be able to earn points from each service fee that you have paid.
    11. You shall need to show your TrueMoney Rewards QR Code/ Discount Code to TMN agents when you want to redeem for the service fees payable at TMN agent shops.
    12. Upon your successful transaction, the system shall reflect the earning points in your TrueMoney Rewards account automatically.
    13. You will receive rewards points after the service or transaction is completed successfully.
    14. As for the accumulated reward points in your TrueMoney Rewards, you shall be able to redeem your points in purchasing a phone bill top up, data package and vouchers in the application and/or present your TrueMoney Rewards account to offset the service fees payments of your transactions with points for your next visit.
    15. If a transaction is voided or a refund takes place, we reserve the right to deduct the points earned from that transaction.
    16. TMN’s promotional vouchers and coupons shall have its expiration date depending on the period that is mentioned on its own.
    17. Personal Information, Security of Account, Record Keeping
    18. We will keep your personal information in accordance with the existing laws to maintain the privacy of our customers.
    19. You shall be obligated to read until you have a clear understanding of the Terms & Conditions that relate to TrueMoney Rewards. In the event of the clarification you may need, you shall be encouraged to contact TMN Call Center, +959 969 519 999 and email to [email protected]
    20. You will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your TrueMoney Rewards Account Pin Number/Password/ One-Time Password (OTP) and must not share with anyone.
    21. You will need to follow the instructions in this TrueMoney Rewards Application and you shall receive the One-Time-Password (OTP) to your registered mobile number for the resetting of your password/forget your PIN to access your TrueMoney Rewards account.
    22. TrueMoney Rewards App registered users shall need make at least one (01) transactions of any TrueMoney Services within 30Days after the registration. If the users failure to make the transactions, the rewarded bonus, such as “Welcome points” and “Referral points” shall be expired automatically on the day of 30th.
    23. You agreed to provide the consent that TMN have the rights to record and maintain your personal information in accordance with applicable laws for at least five (05) years from the date of the registration of your TrueMoney Rewards Account.
    24. Benefits of True Rewards Account Holder
    25. From time to time, TMN may send you coupons, surprise gifts, special offers (“Benefits”). These Benefits are personalized to you and you may not be able to transfer to another account holder. All benefits during your lifetime of experience with TrueMoney Rewards are non-transferable.
    26. Obligation to use True Rewards Application
    27. You are strictly prohibited to use our services for fraudulent or criminal purposes, in addition, money laundering and financing of terrorist organizations, exposed to illegal and unethical activities.
    28. In case any illegal access or transaction is found in your TrueMoney Rewards, TMN shall have the complete rights to terminate your account. You have given the consent that you will hold TMN free and harmless from any claims, damage, loss, expenses or suit or whatsoever arising from such termination.
    29. Data Protection and Privacy
    30. You agreed that your personal information can be shared or disclosed among TMN and its shareholders, Directors, employees, companies group, any government agencies and third parties according to business requirements of TMN.
    31. TMN respects your data privacy rights and is committed to complying with all data protection laws in Myanmar. We use optimum security measures to keep your data safe and monitor your account usage to make sure it has not been compromised.
    32. 25. For more information on our privacy policy, you can visit the link below for details. [xxx link]
    33. Intellectual property
    34. The contents of TrueMoney Rewards are the sole property of TMN and may not be copied, reproduced or used for any commercial purpose without the express consent of TMN.
    35. You may not use the TrueMoney Rewards trademark or any other trademarks of TMN without the consent of TMN.
    36. Termination, Rights to Suspend or Cancel Account, Amendment
    37. In the event of any failure or violation of any of the terms or conditions contained in this terms and conditions of TrueMoney Rewards, TMN have the complete rights to your account with or without prior notification if you have breached the clause 19 and 20 of the above obligations.
    38. TMN shall able to suspend or cancel your TrueMoney Rewards account in the following condition:
      1. if your account is not active for continuous of 2 (TWO) years and/or
      2. if you have breach the any of the terms and conditions listed here from TrueMoney Rewards Application and/or
      3. if you have use our services for any fraudulent/illegal purposes and/or
      4. if you have breach any of the existing laws and regulations in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
    39. TMN shall have the rights to amend the terms and conditions of TrueMoney Rewards Application at any time without prior notification.
    40. Applicable Law
    41. Our TrueMoney Rewards terms and conditions here shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and any disputes will be decided only by the courts of and in compliance with the laws under the jurisdiction of the Republic Union of Myanmar.
    42. Contact Information
    43. For more information related to True Rewards Application, please contact the following:
    44. True Money Myanmar Company Limited

      224-A, 1st and 4th Floor, Salomon Business Center

      U Wisara Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

      Contact Number: (+95)9- 969 519 999

      Email: [email protected]