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Customer Terms and Conditions to use TrueMoney Myanmar services:
  • 1. The customer must be at least 18 years old.
  • 2. If the customer is under 18 years of age, he / she must submit to TrueMoney Myanmar with proof
    of legal authorization from his / her guardian.
  • 3. In addition, the customer agrees to the following terms and conditions to use TrueMoney
    Myanmar services.
  • As a customer agrees that TrueMoney Myanmar can make any amendments or additions to these Terms
    and Conditions at any time without notice to the Customer, and understand and agree that you use the
    Service after the date on which the terms have changed

TrueMoney Myanmar Terms and Conditions of Service
  • 1. The customer is obligated to read until he or she has a clear understanding of these terms and
    conditions of the services that must be complied with before using TrueMoney Myanmar services.
    If you do not have a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of this service, please contact
    TrueMoney Myanmar Call Center.
  • 2. The customer must be registered either by himself/herself at the form designated by TrueMoney
    Myanmar or through an authorized representative of TrueMoney Myanmar.
  • 3. If you wish to start using TrueMoney Myanmar service, you must be necessary to register and
    provide complete and accurate your personal information in accordance with the terms and
  • 4. According to the announcement or instruction of government, TrueMoney Myanmar is
    obtaining the customer’s personal information in order to provide customer service. In addition,
    TrueMoney Myanmar will keep customer’s personal information in accordance with the existing
    laws to maintain the privacy of the customers.
  • 5. The customer agreesthat TrueMoney Myanmar can record and maintain the customer’s personal
    information and remittance process in accordance with applicable laws for at least five (05) years
    from the date of commencement of the transaction.
  • 6. TrueMoney Myanmar can consider for the transactions/vouchers to be dormant if no
    transactions/ vouchers were initiated by the Customer within the period of five (05) years from
    the date of transaction activation. Once the transactions/vouchers are considered as dormant,
    the Customer shall have to agree that these shall be considered as unclaimed
    transactions/vouchers and respectively will transferred to the unclaimed register of TrueMoney
  • 7. The customer agrees that customer it’s all personal information and remittance process can be
    shared or disclosed among TrueMoney Myanmar and its shareholders, Directors, employees,
    companies group, any government agencies and third parties according to business requirements
    of TrueMoney Myanmar or under existing laws. For more information, please visit TrueMoney
    Myanmar privacy policy at below link.
  • 8. Therefore, TrueMoney Myanmar will not be able to provide its Services if the Customer fails to
    register or provide his / her personal information.
  • 9. The customer must have a registered mobile SIM card used in Myanmar in order to use one or all
    of TrueMoney Myanmar’s services.
  • 10. The customer will receive a PIN via SMS to the registered mobile SIM card for the service you want
    to use.
  • 11. The customer are responsible for maintain the confidentiality of your PIN and should not shared
    with anyone other than you and TrueMoney Myanmar representatives.
  • 12. In case of the customer did not receive the PIN or loss, immediately contact TrueMoney Myanmar
    Call Center. You will also need to show proof of identity.
  • 13. For each service, the customer must pay TrueMoney Myanmar at the fixed rates. The
    Representative from TrueMoney Myanmar will issue of receipt or SMS, and the customer is
    responsible for maintaining such receipt or SMS.
  • 14. Customer acknowledges that service fees are subject to change from TrueMoney Myanmar from
    time to time.

  • 15. In addition, TrueMoney Myanmar has a right to alter all or part of the services in whole or in part
    at any time without noticing to the customer.
  • 16. The customers are strictly prohibited to use TrueMoney Myanmar services for fraudulent or
    criminal purposes, in addition, money laundering and financing of terrorist organizations, exposed
    to illegal and unethical activities
  • 17. If a customer is found to be using TrueMoney Myanmar services for illegal purposes, especially
    financial matters, the service will be terminated immediately. TrueMoney Myanmar has nothing
    to do with the actions taken by the organizations. There will be no liability.
  • 18. TrueMoney Myanmar has the right to terminate its Services immediately without prior notice to
    the Customer if it is found to be in breach of Articles 16 and 17 of these Terms and Conditions.
  • 19. If you are not satisfied for us, Terms of Use are available at your nearest TrueMoney Myanmar
    representative, at www.truemoney.com.mm.You can also visit our nearest TrueMoney Myanmar
    representative and inquire.
  • 20. TrueMoney Myanmar service or have a dispute with the TrueMoney Myanmar’s representatives,
    you can contact TrueMoney Myanmar Call Center.
  • 21. According to TrueMoney Myanmar’s Terms and Conditions of Service, TrueMoney Myanmar
    either as a customer or as a customer in exercising its responsibilities and powers, in the event of
    any failure or violation of any of the terms or conditions contained in the Terms and Conditions
    of Service, the rights it cannot be considered a waiver of responsibilities and powers and/or the
    application of these terms and conditions to a single or part of the terms and conditions
    constitutes your rights and privileges, including any other terms and conditions of service. There
    should be no limitation to the continued exercise of responsibilities and influences.
  • 22. TrueMoney Myanmar’s Terms and Conditions of Service are subject to the applicable laws of
    Republic of the Union of Myanmar as long as they do not violate any applicable laws.