How to systematically use Cash and Card Payments

14 June, 2021

People are having difficulties accessing their funds from their bank accounts. We understand it is hard to decide whether to use cash or card payments in various purchases. Therefore, TrueMoney would like to share how to wisely spend cash in hand and from the bank with this article. 


Physical cash is becoming harder to attain as withdrawing balance from bank accounts has become a challenge. One should carefully consider where to spend the cash from withdrawal. In essence, be advised to use card payments as much as possible. Thus, sustainability of the cash flow will be achieved. 


Following are the categories one should consider to use card payments instead of cash


  1. Groceries and Kitchen Appliances 

Advise strongly to purchase groceries at marts that accept card payments. However, one may purchase vegetables and a simple breakfast like Mohinga using cash at nearby wet markets. 


  1. Medicine and Infant Care Products

Monthly vitamin supplements and infant care products such as diapers, wet tissues, and milk powder should be purchased at one-stop stores with card payments. 


  1. Internet Connectivity at Home 

For those who are subscribed to fiber wifi at home, you should consider paying monthly fees through bank transfers. 


  1. Phone Bills and Mobile Data Packages

It is best to use a personal bank account’s balance to top-up phone bills. 


By keeping a separate profile of categories to spend with cash and bank accounts, you do not need to queue up frequently anymore. Saving you from more stress, there will be fewer instances of middleman percentage cut cash exchanges. 


For the convenience of our customers. TrueMoney offers local withdrawals up to 200,000 MMK and foreign withdrawals. We are also working for those who wish to withdraw more than 200,000 MMK. 


We hope this article helps you categorize your spendings more effectively. Do share it with your friends and family. We wish you spend systemically between cash and bank balance.

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