Health insurance coverage for the agents and door-to-door remittance service to customers under TrueMoney Care initiative

29 November, 2020

As part of its intention to show heartfelt appreciation to its  valuable partners, TrueMoney Myanmar is delighted to announce that it has provided a total value of  3.2 Billion MMK health insurance coverage to their long-serviced agents and their territory distributors.  Realizing that health is more important than ever before, TrueMoney Myanmar believes that this offer  can have a huge benefit for the well-being of its agents, especially during this unprecedented time. 


The long-serviced agents and their territory distributors will be provided with the one-year health  insurance coverage from Myanma Insurance, which will benefit up to 60 days hospitalization due to  COVID-19, illness and accidents, and death benefits. In addition, TrueMoney Myanmar with the help of  Myanma Insurance also explained in detail about the provided health insurance coverage and benefits  to the agents and territory distributors with the intention to enhance the insurance knowledge in  Myanmar. 


In addition, expressing its appreciation to its customers as well, TrueMoney Myanmar has recently  introduced door-to-door remittance service, allowing the customers to make money transfers without  leaving their homes during this COVID-19 situation and without any extra charges. Being able to be  enjoyed by any customer for the transfer amount of 100,000 MMK and above, this service is currently  available in over 100 townships across the country and still expanding.


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“Aim to be a socially responsible company, TrueMoney Myanmar is always committed to provide the  most secure and convenient services to fulfill the needs of Myanmar people especially during this fight  against COVID-19 and beyond. The safety of our agents, territory distributors and customers will always  be our first priority and we believe that we will be able to keep providing the most reliable and secured  services to our millions of users across the country with these recent initiatives,” said Kyithar Romanet,  Managing Director of TrueMoney Myanmar. 


“We would like to express our gratitude to TrueMoney Myanmar for always providing the necessary  support and contributions for us and we are also encouraged to know that the company is standing  together with us during this COVID-19 situation. Besides, we believe that the recently introduced door to-door remittance service will help us to keep delivering safe and secured services to our customers  even in this situation, as we always do. Together with our agents, territory distributors and partnered  organizations, and a reliable and secured remittance system, we are sure that our TrueMoney network  in the country will become stronger than ever before in the near future,” said Daw Thein Thein Aye, one  of the TrueMoney Territory Distributors from Yangon.


Both initiatives implemented under TrueMoney Care initiative have reflected the company’s  commitment to support its agents, territory distributors and customers, as well as to the society especially during the pandemic. 

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